What all pet owners should think about over the festive season

Every festive season, we read about and hear heart-breaking stories of pets being neglected, forgotten and forsaken. Let’s all work together to reduce the likelihood of it happening this year. Below are some tips from the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) for responsible pet ownership during the festive season.

When leaving your pet at home while you go on holiday

Use an experienced pet sitter who has good references, or a friend or family member, and:

  • Ensure that you leave enough food for your pet.
  • Leave detailed instructions with the pet sitter about how to care for your pet, and your daily routine with them.
  • Leave your veterinarian’s contact details and address with the pet sitter, and pre-arrange with your vet regarding payment, in case something happens to your pet.
  • Leave an item of your clothing that has your smell on it for your pet. This will hopefully comfort him while you are away.
  • Ensure that the pet sitter exercises your dog regularly while you are away – this will help keep him distracted, so that he doesn’t miss you too much.
  • Let the pet sitter meet your pet before you go away – your pet will feel more secure if he meets this new person in your presence.

To more about your responsibility in terms of fireworks and gifts over the festive period, get the December 2021 issue of Animaltalk magazine from retail stores or order a copy now from www.coolmags.co.za.


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