When pets should see their vets

Visiting the vet with our pets might not be on our priority list of nice things to do. But it should definitely be something that we plan in advance and then make an effort to do, whether it is a cat, dog, bird, rabbit or any other small animal to see the vet. It might feel like a waste of time, but believe us when we say it’s not.

The reason

You might still wonder why pets should see the vet at least once a year when they’re obviously in good health. The short answer is because you want them to stay healthy. By doing a proper health check, your vet might pick up something that can be addressed before it becomes a major problem. Your vet might then suggest a few tests that could reveal something developing and which can then hopefully be treated in time.

Accompanying information

The more information you can give the vet, the clearer the picture of your pet’s health will be to the vet. Information that you will need to gather includes:

  • The type of food your pet eats, the amount consumed and how often he eats.
  • Approximately how much water he drinks in a day.
  • Any recent travels or outings undertaken.
  • How often his tummy works and what the stools look like.
  • All the medication he is currently taking – and this includes calming medicine, CBD products and supplements.
  • History of tick and flea preventative programmes.
  • Medical history.
  • Vaccine card with a history of all vaccines administered.
  • Information about weight gain or loss.
  • Information about his dental routine.

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