Why are cats fussy eaters?

It can be unexpected and confusing when your cat suddenly becomes fussy about what she will or will not eat. As hard as you try, she will not eat the way she did before. There could be a number of reasons behind this sudden change in behaviour. Some changes could indicate a serious problem or could be the result of boredom or specific interests


  1. Not feeling well

If your cat suddenly stops eating or eats very little compared to what she ate before, she could be sick. The best option when her appetite is gone or has changed would be to contact your vet.

  1. Toothache

If your cat eats kibble as part of her normal diet, then her teeth are used to the dry food. If she suddenly stops eating the kibble, the problem may lie with her teeth. The best option here could be to try giving her some soft food to see if she eats it. If she does then she may have a tooth problem and should be taken to the vet.

  1. Is the food fresh?

Cats have a very good sense of smell and are finicky about what they will eat. If your cat turns her nose up at the food she normally eats, it may be that the food has gone off or is either stale or moist. Your cat may be specific about how she likes her food and will not eat it if it is not fresh.

  1. Not enough protein

Cats require a high-protein diet and may notice if they are not getting it. Most cat foods have a very high carbohydrate content and your cat may be sick of food that she does not enjoy because she knows it’s not what her body needs.

  1. No longer her favourite flavour

Cats tend to have preferences for certain flavours, such as fish, chicken or lamb. So if your cat suddenly pulls her nose up for the tuna-flavoured food she used to love, you may have to try a few new flavours to identify a new favourite (but try to stick to the same brand and type of food).

Text: Sarah Beningfield

The full article, including 10 ways to keep your cat in good health, appears in the September issue of Animaltalk.


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