Why choose natural products for your pet?

Itchy or not, a natural bath is the best way to keep your pet’s skin healthy.

As with humans, our pets only get one skin, which is why we need to care for and protect it as best we can. That’s why it is better to take a natural approach to pet care and use only safe, natural and effective ingredients.

We need to look for products that are actually good for their skin, rather than harmful and damaging. You wouldn’t believe how many harmful ingredients can be found in human and pet products. Most grooming products on the market contain synthetic fragrances and sulphates, which can cause irritation and can even result in skin conditions and problems, such as dermatitis, allergies, itching, redness and irritated skin.

We believe in the natural and safe care of pets. That’s why we only use natural ingredients that we know are safe, even if ingested. If you could lick 80% of your body, you would like to have totally lickable ingredients, right?

You can find Dr Zoo in a growing number of pet shops and vets across South Africa, or shop via our online store: www.drzoo.co.za.


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