Why do cats love catnip so much?

There’s a reason why there are so many catnip toys available on the market. According to researchers, it is the ‘happy’ receptors replicating pheromones in a cat’s brain that react to the smell of the herb. Not all cats enjoy catnip, but those who do, might go completely ‘gaga’ and roll in it, rub up against it, or they might even flip over. Some cats ‘zone out’ for a short period, while others just feel happy and calm.

Don’t be surprised if your cat eats it – don’t worry; it’s not harmful if she ingests it. She might react funnier or more aggressive, but luckily the response to catnip doesn’t last too long. Due to the positive feelings brought on by catnip, many behaviourists suggest using catnip and catnip toys to train a cat – that is if your cat reacts to it.

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