Why some cats are so lazy

Cats often get the label of lazy because, when us humans are up and about during the day, we see our cats napping here, there and everywhere. Cats, on average, sleep about 16 to 20 hours per day. Kittens and older cats will generally sleep the longest.

Cats in the wild sleep during the day to conserve energy to hunt at night. This build-up of energy is essential when they need to track, stalk, pounce and kill prey. For our domestic cats, sleeping is instinctive behaviour. Some cats are affected by the weather, and on a rainy day they may sleep even longer.

House cats may sleep a lot out of boredom. A daily play session with feathers and fishing pole toys can help to stimulate your cat. If you notice a change in her daily sleep pattern, see your vet for a check-up.


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