World love for dolphins day

The World Love for Dolphins Day held on the 14th February in Pretoria saw the community standing together in an effort to show their love for the dolphin world. #AnimaltalkNews #AnimaltalkCares #AnimaltalkListensToRoxyBlows

Roxy Blows (center) with event organisers
Roxy Blows (center) with event organisers

Walk Against Captivity and No More Suffering in support of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society gathered outside the Japanese Embassy to honour the dolphins who are brutalised and those that are captured for entertainment purposes, annually in Taiji’s notorious “Cove”.

Every September through to March, dolphins are driven into The Cove. Those not meeting the requirements for the captive industry (pretty / unmarked) are viciously stabbed to death, and the bodies auctioned off. The meat is then packaged and sold. The meat subjects consumers to mercury levels that are 20 times what is recommended by the World Health Organisation. This is the LARGEST dolphin slaughter in world history.

On a day meant to celebrate love, individuals from across Pretoria, Johannesburg, and others from as far as Hartbeespoort, Rustenburg, Viljoenskroon and Heidelberg, stood united outside the Embassy to show Japan the love felt by the people of the world for dolphins. Roxy Blows, Radio DJ from 93.8 MixFM was there to show her support. With close to 150 supporters from various organisations, and people of all ages in attendance, the event was an opportunity to create awareness through education to the locals. Over 2,000 pamphlets with relevant information pertaining to the annual hunt, and ways of being able to assist in ending this annual 6 month horror were distributed. Groups and organisations that supported WAC and NMS at this event include but were not limited to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Women of The World United Against Taiji, Ban Animal Trading, 269LifeSA and Taiji Action Day for Dolphins, SA. We stand united fighting for the end to the abuse and murder and exploitation of the voiceless, regardless of what organisation we belong to.

WorldLoveForDolphinsDay-LogoFor more information:

Contact person: Beverley Botha
Contact number: 072 160 4823
Email: /


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