World’s 10 most expensive dog breeds

A list of the world’s most expensive breeds of dog:
Note: These prices are calculated averages and will vary from breeder to breeder!

1. Basset Hound (R14,000 – R17,500)

These droopy-eared dogs make for great companions. They have a very keen sense of smell and are popular detective dogs.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog (R23,500)

This dog is closely related to the St Bernard as they both originate from Switzerland. These dogs are big time family dogs, but are most suited to homes with a big property for them to roam.

3. Great Dane (R23,500)

A notorious breed of big, loveable dogs. Unfortunately, Great Danes have been referred to as the ‘heartbreak breed’ as they are ridden with diseases throughout their lifetime and generally don’t live very long.

shutterstock_733315634. Tibetan Mastiff (R23,500)

This breed looks like a cuddly teddy bear in the form of a dog, however if you get on their bad side you’re asking for trouble. These dogs can be extremely stubborn so they need owners who are patient.

5. English Bulldog (R29,000)

Definitely an acquired taste; these wrinkly faces are not for everyone. These dogs are a bit stubborn and lazy but big on snuggling.

6. German Shepard (R29,000)

A popular favourite. German Shepards are good guard dogs, extremely loyal, intelligent and agile. They are still one of the most trusted breeds world wide, evident through their work as police dogs.

7. Chow Chow (R30,000 – R40,000)

These dogs are notorious for their blue tongues. They are the oldest breed in the world , originating in China. They are quiet, gentle and independent dogs.

shutterstock_1083019978. Irish Wolfhound (R30,000 – R40,000)

A very odd looking breed of dog. This breed is extremely loyal and friendly; they used to serve as war dogs so they also make for good guards. These dogs are the largest breed of dog in the world, making them gentle giants.

9. French Bulldogs (R30,000 – R45,000)

These dogs can be very hyper, goofy and curious. If you think English Bulldogs are too big, then the French Bulldog is a good substitute. These dogs can be susceptible to health issues so they need owners who are able to finance any issues that may arise.

10. Rottweiler (R60,000 – R70,000)

These dogs are actually very friendly and gentle despite their scary bodies. Make no mistake, they are strong dogs and are devoted to their owners – meaning that they will defend their owners to any extent that they see necessary. They make for excellent guard dogs.


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