Your start-right guide to keeping koi (part 2)

Last week we started the conversation about keeping koi successfully. This week we continue with part two of the article.

Where in the garden is the best location for my pond?

A koi pond can be placed anywhere.

What do I need to know about maintaining the water conditions in my pond?

Maintenance is the key to good water quality. Become a water keeper before you become a koi keeper. If you keep any animals as pets, their health and environment are of the utmost importance. The pond is the environment you keep your koi in – maintain it regularly.

Can koi survive in an outside pond all year long?

Yes. South Africa has very good conditions for growing and keeping koi in outdoor ponds.

What is the lifespan of koi?

Koi can live for 20 to 30 years, although there have been reports of koi living for longer periods of time. Many members of the South Africa Koi Keepers Society have koi who are 20 to 25 years old.

How can I tell when my koi are not well?

Like any pets, when there is a change of behaviour it can be an indication that something is wrong. Koi may become sluggish, pipe for air at the surface or become very active by flashing (rubbing themselves against the walls or floor).

What and how often should I feed them?

A good-quality food is essential. Don’t overfeed. In summer they will need to be fed a few times per day. In winter, as their metabolism decreases and the koi slow down, you can feed much less. When temperatures drop to below 10°C, you stop feeding for the time being.

Is keeping koi very expensive?

It is exactly the same as any hobby. There are a wide variety of options for pond construction, pumps, koi and food. So the cost of the hobby will vary.



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