Your winter pet checklist

Do you also, at times, suddenly stop and wonder where the year has gone? With so many goals to achieve and things to do, like making a living and trying to survive, we sometimes forget to take care of the ‘little’ things that can have a big impact on our and our pets’ lives, like tick and flea protection for our pets or keeping up with their vaccines. This article will help remind you of what you still need to do.

Tick and flea prevention

Just because it is winter it doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on your pet’s tick and flea preventative programme. Ticks and fleas are still prevalent in our warmer climate, even during the winter months. So, have you kept up with the treatments?

If you struggle to remember every month, you can download one of the many apps available. One of the great features of these apps is a reminder as to when the last treatment was and when the next one is due.

Another option is to get collars or other types of treatments that last for longer periods. Read more about fleas and how to control them on page 20.

First aid kit

Have you checked your pet’s first aid kit this year? Are the items still useable and in good order? Is there enough stock? If you have written down emergency contact numbers and placed them inside the kit, check that these numbers are still correct. Halfway through the year, it is a good idea to check every item in the kit. You never know if something has leaked or spilt and damaged other items in the kit, or if bandages were taken out and used for other purposes.

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