American Pit bull Terrier Show

The 28th of November 2015 marked the very first American Pit-bull Terrier show for the Golden Triangle Canine Foundation. It was a success and the turnout was amazing! Receiving tremendous support from people in and around their community, guests also came from Eastrand Pits and Hoodlum Kennels.

A lot of pit bull owners really didn’t know the great talents their animals have, people were amazed by the great talents that’s were displayed at the show. As everything came to show it almost brought tears to see their dreams had become a reality. The exposure received from Animaltalk helped a lot as people from far came and showed their support and also participated.

As the day progressed Animaltalk magazines were given to spectators and competition participants, people were happy to receive these magazines as they are very educational about animals and animal care.

“We would like to thank Animaltalk for the exposure and contribution they added to the show as people from far away came out with their animals to unite and celebrate the breed with us. We would like to thank dog food companies that added to the winning prizes!” – Khanyisile mtambeka – Event coordinator

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