12 Feeding secrets for cats

Cat owners know how finicky their feline pets can be. Some cats are real ‘foodies’, while others are snobs who often turn their noses up at food they don’t like. And sometimes, they love a certain dish one day, but walk away from it the next. That’s the life of a cat owner. But here are a few tips that might make feeding your cat a little easier.


1. Clean bowl

Don’t expect your cat to eat from a dirty bowl that had leftover food in it. Make sure her bowl is cleaned after every meal with proper dishwashing liquid, and remember to rinse all the soap off the dishes. Cats’ noses are extremely sensitive and, if she can smell the soap, she might be put off her food.


2. Big enough bowl

Your cat’s bowl should be big enough for her to fit her mouth in it with ease, and her whiskers should fit too. Your cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, so she might avoid her bowl if it touches her whiskers. If your cat uses her paw to get to the food out of the bowl, it could be sign that the bowl is too small for her.


3. One bowl each

Even if your cats love each other to bits, they’ll still prefer to have their own bowls. Therefore, you need to make sure that each cat has her own bowl. It will help them to eat at their own pace and you will be able to pick up if one of the cats has an appetite problem.


4. Enough food

Remember that the feeding guide on the packaging is purely a suggestion of how much to feed your cat. Some cats will need less food while others might require a little bit more. Speak to your vet about your cat’s nutritional needs. Most cats prefer to eat small amounts throughout the day, while others will finish their food in one sitting.


5. Water

Animals tend to drink water after they’ve had their food – cats even more so if they eat kibble. Always ensure that she has fresh, clean water available throughout the day. Water fountains for cats are a good idea, but you still need to ensure that the water is clean and fresh.


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