Q and A: Parasites in rescue kittens

Q: Do all kittens from rescue shelters struggle with ‘bad’ parasites in their intestines? How can this be treated?

A: Kittens from rescue centres are at a much higher risk of being exposed to intestinal parasites. Often the circumstances and conditions under which these kittens ended up at the shelters resulted in a compromised immune system, which in turn weakened their ability to effectively fight off infections.

Rescue centres are often inundated by the sheer number of strays they have to deal with. This overcrowding allows intestinal parasites, among many other diseases, to spread like wildfire.

Fortunately, most of these parasites can be treated by deworming and anti-coccidial medicines, which increases the chances of a full recovery.

Irrespective of where you get your kitten from, it is advisable to take her to your local vet before introducing her to the other pets in your family.

Dr Carli Goosen, veterinarian


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