Cat chat – what is your cat trying to tell you?

Cat chat - what is your cat trying to tell you?
Some cats can be chatterboxes!

Many pet owners would admit to having lengthy conversations with their animals. They are great listeners, and they can’t spill any secrets! Unfortunately they can’t talk back to us in words, but their bodies say a lot. Animaltalk helps you get the message.

The cat kiss

shutterstock_349238702Has your cat ever given you an intense stare, and then slowly blinked her eyes? This might look intimidating, but it’s just the opposite. Your cat isn’t planning your demise, she is actually giving you some love and telling you that she is feeling comfortable and that she trusts you. [According to some sources you can ‘answer’ to this by giving your cat a slow blink in return. Animaltalk can confirm from experience that experimenting with this might not get any reaction from your cat, but you will get laughed at by other members of the household. Ed]

Rubbing against you

Your cat approaches you and with an elaborate movement rubs her head against you. No doubt this behaviour makes you feel loved! And it does mean she loves you, but more in a you-belong-to-me than in a you-are-awesome kind of way. By rubbing herself against you, your cat is getting her scent onto you, marking you as her territory. This is why she also rubs herself against other items in her surroundings. And here you thought your house belonged to you!


This one is all too familiar. Your cat is relaxing on your lap when she starts to knead you with her paws. Her nails might make a (painful) appearance, but she is looking so relaxed that you just don’t have the heart to disturb her! This behaviour comes from when she was a kitten, massaging her mother’s teats to get the milk flowing. If she does this to you she is indeed feeling happy – experiencing the kind of comfort that can only come from a mother!

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We just know you want to talk back and tell your cats how much you love them! Click here for tips to loving your cat – in a way that she will appreciate!


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