Adoption 101 – The start of a journey

Benji and Joey
Benji and Joey

Herewith I would like to invite you, the reader, on a very special journey with me. The journey of adoption. The time has come to welcome another doggy into my home, and as some people might find adoption a bit daunting, I would like to take you with me through the process – every step of the way. I have my fears and doubts, and of course I am very excited! How will this journey end? We’ll find out together.

Meet Benji and Joey

Having been in my life for almost 12 years now, my cat Joey has been with me through many ups and downs. She was the first one to ‘approve’ my husband! He, however, wasn’t much of a dog person. Being an animal lover of note it was not negotiable; my married life would have to include dogs. So future husband assured me that it was okay – he would ‘tolerate’ ‘my’ dog.

Finally we welcomed a tiny Chihuahua puppy into our home. And while not even weighing 1kg yet, little Benji had a master plan. ALL his new humans would be unable to resist him. I knew Benji brilliantly succeeded in his plan when I happened to overhear a ‘conversation’ between him and my husband. Hubby was being showered with sloppy Benji-kisses. And then, while hiding just outside the room, I heard him say: “You know Benji, I never used to think I’d be okay with a dog licking my face. But somehow, with you it’s different.” The husband was converted.

Time for a friend

A few years have passed and we know today that Benji is an energetic, playful doggy. And despite loads of toys and a cat friend, he gets bored, even on the days when I get to work from home. Joey, being an older cat, restricts their play sessions to say, one minute at a time, despite Benji’s cutest efforts. These include play-bowing for Joey, and taking his ball to her when he wants to play fetch! We realised a friend would be good for him. The first step in the process for me is knowing your pets’ personalities, your own circumstances, and research! Living in a complex, we had to make sure that we are allowed another dog. We do not have very large yards, and therefore are only allowed smaller dogs. Also, despite attending puppy school as well as completing elementary obedience, little Benji is not great with other dogs. He absolutely loves people – but we are opting not to adopt one of those! Still, we might face challenges. Our quiet home might become chaos when another dog joins us. With time Benji does tend to accept other dogs – but who knows what will happen? Will things work out? Only time will tell – be sure to get your May copy of Animaltalk.


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