6 tips for taking the purrfect pet selfie

They grow up so fast! Within a week of your puppy or kitten’s life, you can already see a difference. Don’t let these precious moments fly past you – make a conscious effort to regularly take pictures of your furbaby. To help you create the ideal selfie with your pet, we’ve compiled a few tips on taking the perfect picture.

Good lighting

Always try to get the best possible lighting for your picture. Natural light is the best, as flashlight photography can be harsh on your pet’s eyes, while creating unwanted shadows. Outside and under a roof is ideal.

Multiple pictures

Take various shots of you and your pet from different angles. Unless your doggy is trained, it might take a few tries before you get ‘the shot’.

Close up

By filling the frame with you and your cat or dog, you will get a better picture. Keep you head as close to your dog’s as he will allow you to. If he is not in the mood for pictures, rather try again later.


Before you start taking pictures with your pet, look at the background first. What does it look like? Will it work in this picture? In some cases, your background can tell a story, so move around and find ideal, story-telling backgrounds.

Pose with your pet

Instead of moving you pet where you want him to be, it can be easier to just lie down next to him and take the picture from a different angle. This is especially helpful when your cat or dog is not yet used to the camera in his face.


Depending on your personal style, take some pictures of just your pet’s feet, nose or eyes by filling the frame with that part of him. Make a collage of all the printed pictures with you and your pet, your pet alone and parts of your pet, and then frame it. Hang it somewhere where you can see it often. You’ll be amazed how quickly his features change.


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