Interesting information about butterflies, bees, and orangutan babies

What would the world be without interesting information about animals? Broaden your general knowledge with these facts.

Did you know?

While the monarch butterfly is still a caterpillar, he mostly feeds on milkweed. This is why the monarch will always lay her eggs on this plant, so that the newly hatched caterpillar has immediate access to his food. The milkweed contains a toxin that gets stored in the caterpillar’s body, ensuring that he tastes horrible to potential predators. As an adult butterfly, the monarch enjoys sipping nectar from flowers.

Did you know?

Bees collect nectar and pollen from the flowers of a plant. The male reproductive organ of a flower is called the stamens. Some of this organ’s pollen sticks to the hair on the bees’ bodies. When they visit other plants, the pollen gets rubbed off on the female reproductive organ called the pistil, which contains the stigma (the tip of the pistil). This allows the seeds of the plant to develop and turn into fruits or flowers.

Did you know?

Orangutan mothers care for their infants longer than any other animals in the world, as they have much to learn from her about how to survive in the forest. The little one will cling to his mother’s belly fur as she climbs through the trees, and once he is a little older he will ride on her back. This goes on for the first six years of the baby’s life.



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