Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – meet the agility winners! (Part 5)

Agility - this is how it's done!
Agility – this is how it’s done!

TOP DOGA new addition to the prestigious Animaltalk Top Dog Awards this year was an agility category, sponsored by Bravecto South Africa. These super-quick canine achievers were recognised in three categories: small, medium and large.

Second place: medium

How adorable is Lollie? She and her handler, Gaby Grohovaz, ran into second place in the medium category at this year’s ceremony.

Lollie is a 10-year-old Pyrenean Sheepdog who Gaby calls

Sort out ticks and fleas - safe and easy.
Sort out ticks and fleas – safe and easy.

her “superdog”. She has won and achieved almost every title and award there is to achieve, including a Bronze Medal at the Agility World Championships. Gaby says: “What makes her such an amazing dog however is that she has an almost human work ethic when it comes to agility. She knows her job and she does it with tremendous enthusiasm and accuracy. I am honestly most of the time only a necessary evil in the ring – sometimes more evil than necessary! Having said that, I am proud to say that people comment on our relationship and teamwork. When we run it is not Lollie and Gaby – we become one team, one unit. I am honoured to have Lollie in this first ever line-up of Top Achieving dogs in South African Agility.”


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