Part 27 – Smelling the roses

I so wish I could post all my photos for you guys to see. I’m having so much fun at home and everywhere I go. So I try my best to choose the best ones. It’s really hard sometimes.

We have a rose bush in our garden. Mom says there must be something wrong with my mouth because I bite the sticks and the thorns don’t seem to bother me. Then I just smell the roses …

rose 1 rose 2

Playing in the garden with Emily and Anja is still one of my favourite things. Although Anja can be a bit possessive and don’t always want to share with me.
There’s the ball!!

anja ball - Copy

And Anja got it!


Anja’s got the ball (and does NOT want to share)

DSCF2733 DSCF2749

Woohoo I got it now!!

DSCF2735 DSCF2737

Found a cardboard box and carried it outside, and also a plant container-thing. Nice toys!

DSCF3082 DSCF3083

Here I am trying to get Anja’s attention:

DSCF2762DSCF2769 DSCF2770

A video of us playing. And in typical Labrador fashion, I just get up and go again after being rolled !

And finally cuddles with my two besties


sleep 2sleep 3

Next time I’ll tell you about our group puppy walk to Brightwater Commons!


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