Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – meet our agility winners!

Liesl With Nikki

With the Animaltalk Top Dog Awards ceremony done and dusted, we are not done celebrating and continue to introduce you to some of the champions!

3rd place, medium:

Liesl Plekker with Nikki

Name of dog and handler Gypsy vom Schloss Feengrund (Nikki) and Liesl Plekker

Dog’s breed and age 2-year-old Mudi

How long have you been taking part in agility? Nikki and I started agility less than one year ago.

Previous achievements?

1) 3 way champion – Dog Jumping, Agility contact & Agility non-contact

2) 2016 Gauteng Provincial colours in Dog Jumping and Agility

3) Member of the 2016 winning interprovincial Dog Jumping Team

4) Member of the 2016 medium team representing South Africa at the Agility World Championships in Spain

5) Winner of the Quincy Grohovaz trophy for the best overall medium agility dog at the Bloemfontein bumper weekend in August 2016.

What do you enjoy most about agility? Spending time with my dogs

How would you describe your dog’s personality? When Nikki is working she is very focused, enthusiastic, strong-willed and loud! She, however, also has a softer side and can be very affectionate and cuddly.

*What is her quirkiest habit? Nikki steals socks and gently carries them with her around the house. She often raids the washing basket and even open drawers and cupboards to find them.

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