Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – behind the scenes with the agility champs!

Kimberley in action!

With the Animaltalk Top Dog Awards ceremony done and dusted, we are not done celebrating and continue to introduce you to some of the champions!

Winner: small

Gail Killian with Kimberley

Kimberley and Gail Killian

Dog’s breed and age Shetland Sheepdog, 5 years old

How long have you been taking part in agility? Kimberley has been taking part since 2014. I have been doing agility for 14 years (since 2002).

Previous achievements?


Qualified to compete at the SA Agility Championships

Selected to represent SA in Italy at the Agility World Championships

Became a Kusa Dog Jumping Champion

Placed 3rd in the SA Dog Jumping Championships

Awarded Gauteng Provincial Colours in Dog Jumping


Qualified to compete at the SA Agility Championships and won two out of the 4 rounds at the SA Agility Championships.

Selected to represent SA in Spain at the Agility World Championships

Placed 33rd in the European Open Agility Championships held in France

Placed 2nd in the SA Dog Jumping Championships

Became a Kusa Contact Agility Champion

Became a Kusa Non-Contact Agility Champion

Won the Kusa National Contact Agility – Small

Won the Kusa National Non Contact Agility – Small

Placed 3rd in the Kusa National Dog Jumping – Grade 3 (Mini)

Placed 2nd small dog in the Agility Grand Prix

Awarded Gauteng Provincial Colours in Agility and Dog Jumping

[box type=”info” align=”alignleft” ]Bravecto® is the 12 week chew for ticks and fleas. Because Bravecto® circulates in the blood its efficacy is not affected by swimming or shampooing. Visit to find out more about Bravecto®. [/box]What do you enjoy most about agility?

To overcome the challenges and the great feeling of watching your dog getting it right while thoroughly loving it.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

Energetic and passionate in everything she does.

What is her quirkiest habit?

How she takes charge of the pack at home, calling them for games. After her agility runs she does spins of excitement!



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