Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – get to know the agility winners!

Q flying over the obstacles.

With the Animaltalk Top Dog Awards ceremony done and dusted, we are not done celebrating and continue to introduce you to some of the champions!

3rd place: small

Nadine Shortland and Q

Name of dog and handler Q and Nadine Shortland

Dog’s breed and age Shetland Sheepdog, almost 7 years old

How long have you been taking part in agility? 17 years

Previous achievements?

Conformation Champion
Dog Jumping Grand Champion
Non-Contact Agility Grand Champion
Contact Agility Grand Champion
Animaltalk Top Dog 2011 – SA’s top Sheltie!
Canine Good Citizen Bronze & Silver
Winner: KUSA National Dog Jumping 2012
Winner: SA Dog Jumping Championships 2012
Represented EP in the Bloem DJ Inter-Provincial 2012
Winner: SA Agility Championships 2013
Qualifier for the SA World Agility team 2013
Reserve KUSA National Non-Contact Agility 2013
Winner: SA Dog Jumping Championships 2013
Reserve South African Agility Champion 2014
Reserve KUSA National Agility 2014
Reserve KUSA National Non-Contact Agility 2014
Provincial Colours in Dog Jumping
Provincial Colours in Agility
AnimalTalk Leaderboard 2015 – SA’s #1(sm) Agility dog!
Reserve KUSA National Agility 2016
Reserve KUSA National Non-Contact Agility 2016
Winner: KUSA National Dog Jumping 2016

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What do you enjoy most about agility?

The ‘puzzle’ of figuring out each course.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

Fun, energetic, mischievous

What is her quirkiest habit?

The way she piles up some toys each day for me, depending on her mood.






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