Animaltalk Top Dog awards 2018

Congratulations to the Animaltalk Top Dog Awards winners

The annual Animaltalk Top Dog Awards took place on Saturday, 20 January 2018, and what an event it was! Not only were we able to celebrate a year of hard work, fabulous dogs and amazing people, we also managed to raise R40,000 through our generous guests for Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW).

The day started with awarding the Top Agility winners in each of the three categories. Owners paraded their lovely pooches down the red carpet before receiving their awards. Next up was the Top 10 show dogs. Running up the red carpet, these dogs showed why they deserved their awards.

Then the recognition awards took place. The Animal Hero award went to Jerry Selwane from the Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Centre (SARAC). The Veterinary Excellence award winner was Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans, and the Courageous Canine award went to Buddy.

Raffle tickets were sold and an auction took place where guests had the opportunity to raise money for CLAW. The money raised at the event will be used for sterilising, vaccinating and the treating of ticks and fleas of over 100 dogs.

Thank you to our main sponsors, Royal Canin South Africa and Bravecto South Africa, for making this happen. Also thank you to our other sponsors that include Groomer’s Choice, Skyways and Panorama Media Corp. A special thank you goes to Peter Webber from Groomer’s Choice for giving away additional prizes at the spur of the moment to SARAC and CLAW, as well as Royal Canin donating more food to SARAC.

For a list of the Top 100 winners, click here.

To see all the agility winners, click here.


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