Part 28 – Brightwater Commons puppy walk

Our next big outing was to Brightwater Commons. There are lots to see! There is a little flea market so we headed there first. We walked through the aisles and looked at all the goods on sale. We tried hard to walk calmly next to our handlers and not pull too much. The Puppy Raiser Supervisor who took us for the walk handled me while Mom took photos.

Here she is telling me what a good boy I am for walking so nicely next to her. And then oops – an interesting smell … and then we’re off again.

walk 1 walk 2

walk 3 walk 4

We have to learn to follow commands in different places. So they will ask us to ‘sit’ or ‘lie down’ wherever we are. This is the beginning of us learning to ignore distractions such as people, trollies, children and other dogs, and keep our attention on the handler. They took us up to the second floor of the building and we took the elevator up and the stairs down. Easy peasy! While upstairs, we looked down on moving escalators and people walking below. And once again practising our ‘downs’ and ‘sits’ and even some ‘stays’.

sit 1 sit stay esc

down bridge sit bridge

There was a bridge we crossed over, and there were some ducks in the stream running underneath. They were very interesting. We are all very curious puppies.

bridge 1 bridge friends

At the end we all went for a cup of coffee after our long walk (well the humans did; we had water). We had to lie down quietly while they chatted away. Apparently this is important training for our future careers.

coffee 1 coffee 2

Next time I’ll show you how I made it snow.


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