Bring your dog to this year’s 702 Walk the Talk

discovery702Walkers wanting to make the 702 Walk the Talk on Sunday 26 July a family affair can also bring their four-legged friends along. Let them take in Joburg’s fresh air and stretch their little (or long) legs in the 5km and 8km doggie routes sponsored by Beeno.

It is free to enter your dog but all pooches need to be pre-registered so that we can cater adequately for them. Beeno will provide bandanas for the dogs, supply doggie water points, and give your four-legged family member delicious treats at the finish line.

Your dog’s safety is a priority and as such the South African Veterinary Association will also be on hand with 5 vet nurses at the water points, 1 vet and a nurse will be at the finish line, and 1 roving vet.

Last year 2 000 dogs joined in and we ensure your pooches are catered for along the route and in the venue. This year is no different, as we once again look forward to hosting your beloved dogs.

Make sure your dogs are fit enough to finish the walk, trained on a leash, socialised around other dogs and able to be around large crowds of people. Your dog must be able to handle the stress of large crowds and strange noises. Small to medium size dogs must be older than 12 months and younger than 10 years. Large to giant-size must be older than 18 months and younger than 7 years.

We love dogs that love other dogs and people, so for the safety of all the participants, dogs that display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, people, food or toys will be removed from the route. To discourage aggressive behaviour, we recommend dog owners only bring dogs that are spayed or neutered. Your dog must be lead trained. Leads should be no longer than 2 metres. For safety reasons, no retracting leads are allowed and choke collars are discouraged. Dogs must be under the direct control of their owners at all times. A maximum of 2 dogs per person is allowed.

Breeds predisposed to heat exhaustion (such as bulldogs, boxers, pugs, boerboels and Pekingese) and unfit or overweight dogs are not encouraged to walk the 8km.

Please make sure your dogs are up-to-date with vaccinations and tick and flea control. Also ensure that your dog/s are well hydrated at all times.

Remember to take a plastic bag (doggy-doo bag) along with you for cleaning up any mess after your dog. Don’t bring your dogs if they are injured or ill. There will be veterinarians on duty and they reserve the right to remove any dog that is not well, too young or seems to be struggling from the walk.

So rally up your dog-loving group of friends and invite them all to bring along their furry family members.

Please go to or or contact the Walk Office on 011 017 2700 for more information.

Follow us on twitter @walkthetalk_ (#WTT2015) and Facebook.


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