Cat Know How

Q and A: Parasites in rescue kittens

Q: Do all kittens from rescue shelters struggle with ‘bad’ parasites in their intestines? How can this be treated? A: Kittens from rescue centres are

12 Feeding secrets for cats

Cat owners know how finicky their feline pets can be. Some cats are real ‘foodies’, while others are snobs who often turn their noses up

Introducing a new kitten

Bringing home a new kitten is so exciting, and everybody can’t wait for the new arrival. All sorts of plans are made, information about the

Q & A: Fussy eating feral cat

Q: A feral tabby female adopted me, but she is a very fussy eater. She is fidgety and scratches herself a lot. Could this be

Q & A: yoghurt for cats?

Q: Can I give my cat yoghurt to eat? A: There is definitely some reason for concern when giving your cat dairy products. Some cats,

Q & A: Pass the tissues

Q: Is it normal for my diabetic cat to eat tissue paper? A: It is not normal for a cat to eat tissue paper, diabetic

Wet food for senior cats

Most cat owners have wondered at one time or another whether to choose dry food or wet food for their beloved pet – even more

Clean house, better health

Spring is here and this usually means regular spring-cleaning sessions around the house. You know it must be done, and if you need some encouragement

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