Cat Know How

Safe room for kitty’s arrival

To make sure that your kitten adapts well, she should have a safe room prepared for her at your home. The room should contain a

Explaining cat kibble

Ever wondered what is in your cat’s kibble and what makes it nutritious? When a new food is produced, the recipe is perfected by the

Supplement for shiny cat coat

For your cat to have a shiny coat, it is so crucial that your cat consumes important nutrients, and all of the essential supplements should

Q & A: Drinking from a tap

Q: Why do cats prefer drinking from the bathroom tap? A: Many cats seem to prefer drinking water from a running tap rather than a

Why do cats love catnip so much?

There’s a reason why there are so many catnip toys available on the market. According to researchers, it is the ‘happy’ receptors replicating pheromones in

Q & A: Scaring cats

Q: Are cats really scared of cucumbers? Or is it a myth? If they are, why? A: For a while, videos circled the internet of

Sunburn in cats

Q: Do cats get sunburn? What are the symptoms? A: Most animals have hair or fur that protect them from the sun, but they all

Q & A: Hairballs

Q: I suspect that my cat often gets hairballs stuck in his throat. Is it common, and how can I treat it? A: Cats get

Ideal scratch post options

When you get your new kitten a scratch post, there are a few options to consider. It’s extremely important to ensure that your cat has

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