Decor ideas to make cats purr

During the pandemic, our pets have played an even greater part in our lives, offering endless companionship and joy. As a result, the demand for

Quiz: Are you ready for a new cat?

Contemplating whether or not you should get a cat? Maybe you should do some research first. Admittedly, cats are not for everyone. Most cat owners

6 signs of a sick cat

If only they could talk! How often have you found yourself thinking that when it comes to interacting with your companion animals? Even more so

Q & A: Milk teeth

Q: Do cats have milk teeth, and when do they fall out? A: Kittens do have milk teeth. These teeth are called deciduous teeth. They

Q & A: Cat fangs

Q: Why do today’s cats need fangs? A: Although domestic cats can potentially live without teeth (if fed the correct diet), they are still true

Ideal brushes for your cat

Standing in front of the shelf, with countless brushes and combs to choose from, can be daunting if you don’t know what would be ideal

Q & A: Detesting the litterbox

Q: I’ve recently rescued an older cat, but she doesn’t use the litterbox provided. What can I do? A: As she is an older cat,

Teenage cats

Did you know that cats also go through a ‘teenage’ phase like dogs do? This is the time when they start to become sexually mature,

Q & A: Elevated cats

Q: Why do cats love being elevated high up? A: Instead of seeing our cats as the fluffy companions who wake us in the early

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