Q & A: Cleaning cat teeth

Q: I recently read that dogs’ teeth should be cleaned regularly. What about cat teeth, and how often should that happen? A: Cats are affected

Cats need cat food

Q: Why should cats not eat dog food? A: Cats need a balanced diet to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. If they are

When pets should see their vets

Visiting the vet with our pets might not be on our priority list of nice things to do. But it should definitely be something that

Q&A: Hunting birds

Q: Should I stop my cat from hunting birds in the garden? A: Hunting birds is a perfectly natural and normal behaviour for cats, and

Q & A: Diseases in obese pets

Q: My vet recently warned me that my obese cat should go on a diet or she could face some diseases. What diseases can be

Q & A: Catnip overdose

Q: My cat goes completely crazy over catnip, which is really funny to watch, but is it dangerous? A: Cats are unique in their reaction

4 things your cat can teach you

Do you sometimes look at your cat and wish that you too could live a life so leisurely? Although you might not be able to

Q & A: Detesting the litterbox

Q: I’ve recently rescued an older cat, but she doesn’t use the litterbox provided. What can I do? A: As she is an older cat,

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