• Everlasting freshness

    Cats can leave your house in utter disarray, by scratching your furniture or turning your living spa...

  • Feeding your kitten

    Hearts melt at the sight of a kitten. But that adorable bundle of fluff you’re bringing home is goin...

  • Relaxing cat music

    Does your cat need to relax, or do you just want to treat your cat to some smoothing music? Have a l...

  • Welcome home, kitty

    Whether you choose to buy your kitten from a reputable breeder or rescue a kitten from a shelter, it...

  • Getting a new kitten?

    Dreaming of a new ball of fluffy kitten is one thing, but choosing the right breed can be a more int...

The Geoffory’s cat

One of the smallest wild cats on earth. Geoffroy's cat is also very tough and can survive in the harshest of environments. In fact, this feline is believed to be the most adaptable of all cats and can live in very hot as well as cold areas

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The Sand Cat

Also known as the sand dune cat, the sand cat is widely distributed in North Africa's Sahara Desert, the Arabian desert and deserts in Pakistan and Iran

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10 ways to know if your cat is a happy chappy

Ever wondered if your feline friend is really enjoying her life with you? Here’s how to find out A relaxed cat is usually a happy cat. Just like us humans, stress, competition and pressure may cause depression, which often results ...

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Call it feline intelligence or survival skills, domestic cats have developed certain talents that help them adapt to most environments

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Vet Talk- Your Questions Answered

When food makes Fido sick Q.  Can dogs suffer from food poisoning? A.  Yes, very definitely, although with modern commercially prepared foods this is infrequent. In the case of super-premium diets the food is prepared in conditions which are equivalent ...

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How To Create a Cat-Friendly living space

A cat’s presence already makes your home look more beautiful   Our homes are where we feel most comfortable, and we plan our interiors according to what makes us feel that way. Some of us like everything in its place, ...

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The herb of happiness

Catnip brings out the silly side in our cats It’s a green herb which causes cats to react in a very entertaining manner. What is catnip and how does it work? We take a closer look.   What is catnip? Catnip (Nepetacataria) ...

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Cat won’t use litter tray

My six-year-old cat has recently started to have accidents around the house rather than using her litter tray. What could be the reason?   It’s a good idea to get your cat checked to ensure there is nothing physically wrong. ...

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