Q&A: Hunting birds

Q: Should I stop my cat from hunting birds in the garden? A: Hunting birds is a perfectly natural and normal behaviour for cats, and

Q & A: Diseases in obese pets

Q: My vet recently warned me that my obese cat should go on a diet or she could face some diseases. What diseases can be

Q & A: Catnip overdose

Q: My cat goes completely crazy over catnip, which is really funny to watch, but is it dangerous? A: Cats are unique in their reaction

Q & A: Detesting the litterbox

Q: I’ve recently rescued an older cat, but she doesn’t use the litterbox provided. What can I do? A: As she is an older cat,

Q & A: Hiding indoors

Q: I’ve tried almost everything, but my eight-year-old female cat, Dolce, has been hiding indoors ever since the guy living near me brought a Pit

Q & A: Sleeping on the edge

Q: Why do cats sleep and relax on the smallest part or edge of a bed or couch? Dogs enjoy ‘spreading out’ and taking up

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