Dogs Know How

Q & A: Constantly hungry dog

Q: My 15-year-old dog weighs 10kg and is constantly hungry. Should I feed him bit by bit every 30 minutes or so, or should I

Q & A: Chasing tails

Q: Why do dogs chase their tails? A: Tail chasing is a complex behaviour that can have various environmental, physiological, genetic and psychological causes. Some

Why do dogs bark?

Have you also wondered why dogs bark? Some dogs bark more than others, and they bark for various reasons. Causes for a dog to bark

Why pet sterilisation is best

It is better to have your pets sterilised to avoid unwanted pregnancies, especially if you are not a registered breeder. Intact males roam to find

10 no-nos when you get your new puppy

There is no handbook with one-size-fits-all information on behaviour training that will work for all dogs, but there are some guidelines that you can follow

Showing more affection

Do you also wonder how to show your dog more affection? Besides the traditional ways, try these: Be a responsible pet owner and provide your

The 7 dog groups explained

There are seven groups or categories of dogs in South Africa into which dogs are placed according to their current function or previous history and

Planning your next holiday

Are you planning your holiday over the Easter period, or maybe later in the year? Will your dog still be a puppy then? This is

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