Fireworks alert!

Fireworks FB4Many animal lovers dread New Year’s Eve. While people are out there having fun, celebrating the start of the new year, it is unfortunately often the case that our entertainment becomes a source of terror for our pets. Here are some tips for when the noise becomes too much:

Tire him out. Earlier in the day, take him for a romp in the park, followed by an extra long walk or run (take caution if it’s hot out, and make sure your dog is hydrated). The idea is that by the time the skies light up, your dog will be lights out.

Give him a distracting toy or treat. A Kong stuffed with something extra special can help keep your dog preoccupied during the noise.

Put him in a safe area. Dogs feel like they have to protect their space, so limiting the amount of space they have to protect from whatever is causing those scary sounds can help reduce their anxiety. Put your dog in his crate (with his toy or treat described above) or shut him in a room. Also, close the curtains to block out the light.

Swaddle him. If your dog is really upset, putting a Thundershirt (or a snug tee shirt) on him might help.

Don’t freak out. If you are stressed about your dog being stressed, he’s going to get even more stressed himself. See how that works? Your dog senses your emotions and plays off of them. Open a bottle of wine, kick back, and let your dog know everything is okay.




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