Ideal litterbox location

Have you ever wondered where the ideal place is to place  your cat’s litterbox? Cats are fond of a bit of privacy, much like we are, when nature calls. Your cat needs to feel safe when toileting, and she should not be disturbed in any way.

This means litterboxes need to be in quiet parts of the home where there is very little activity. They should also be in different parts of the home – remember, cats like options! This is another factor that may require some experimentation to discover your cat’s preference. If you also have resident dogs, you may want to hinder their access to litterboxes. Not only will dogs interfere with a cat’s sense of security, but they’re also naturally fond of cat faeces (because a cat’s diet is higher in protein than a dog’s). Not only is this unpleasant for human companions, but consuming litter is unlikely to be good for your dog.

Lastly, make sure the litterboxes are placed well away from eating and drinking areas; this is for hygiene reasons, but also because cats understandably don’t like mixing eating with toileting. And remember to have one litterbox for each cat and one extra.



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