Interesting facts about flamingos, seahorses and jellyfish

It’s #DidYouKnowFriday and we want to share this interesting facts about flamingos, seahorses and jelly fish with you.

Did you know?

The flamingo is the national animal of the Bahamas. Flamingos are filter feeders – they use their feet to stir up the water, then scoop it up with their beaks, which are designed to strain animals out of the mud. They eat small crustaceans, plankton, tiny fish and fly larvae. The shrimp-like crustaceans help to give flamingos their pink colour.


Did you know?

The jellyfish’s mouth is at the centre of his body. He shocks his prey using his stinging tentacles, then gobbles it up. He has to digest his prey quickly, however, because if he didn’t the food would weight the jellyfish down and he wouldn’t be able to float.

Did you know?

The biggest known jellyfish is the lion’s mane jellyfish, who lives in Arctic waters. The largest one on record washed ashore in 1870 and measured in at 2.3m with tentacles of 37m.


Did you know?

The top speed of a seahorse is 150cm/h – that’s not very fast, is it?



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