Plan that holiday

For me, there is something magical about planning a holiday, especially if the year has been hard, like this one has been, with various lockdowns, the pandemic and other bad incidents. It is as if the excitement of the holiday already starts with the planning. The thrill of choosing a destination and organising how we’ll get there feels like a mini holiday already.

Decisions, decisions

If you have pets, though, there are much more that you have to consider. Before you even start with the planning or looking at accommodation, you need to decide whether your pets will accompany the family, or not. If your pets have to stay at home, you need to decide whether you will get a pet sitter, take them to a boarding kennel, or if a doggie hotel is the better solution for you.

Should you decide to take your pets with you, you need to consider if the trip will be by road or air. This decision will depend on the types of pets you have, whether they can make a long trip, and your final destination.


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