Interesting info about honey badgers, pangolin scales, and sleeping dolphins

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Did you know?

Snakes are just one item on a honey badger’s prey list. The fearless honey badger loves snakes and will catch them. He is immune, or has a high level of immunity, to certain snake venoms. When a venomous snake bites the honey badger, he will literally ‘sleep off’ the venom, which may last a couple of hours, then wake up and merely finish off his snake meal.

Did you know?

The pangolin’s thick layer of scales is made of keratin – the same material that human nails and hair are made of. They use the scales to protect themselves. They can easily curl up into a ball to protect their vulnerable area, which is their tummies. When a pangolin baby is born, his scales are soft, but as he gets older, his scales become harder.

Did you know?

Because the dolphin can’t breathe underwater, he had to figure out a way to sleep and adapt to living almost permanently underwater. This clever creature created a mind-boggling technique to stay awake and sleep at the same time – he sleeps by keeping the one side of his brain awake, while the other side is in a deep sleep. What is even cooler about it is that the dolphin’s one eye is open while the other one is closed. This makes him aware of his surroundings and makes it very difficult for any predator to sneak up on him.


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