Struggling with a jealous dog?

Without knowing the specifics of what ‘jealous’ behaviour is being displayed, here are a few general suggestions that may help. If there is someone else available when you are spending time with one dog, have that person take the other dog for a walk for around the same length of time you will need with the other dog.

If that isn’t possible, provide the dog with something really special to chew on or play with. An interactive-type toy that can be stuffed with food could work well. Keep this item only for this occasion, take it away when you have finished playing with or training the other dog, and don’t give it to the dog at any other time. By doing this, your dog will form a positive and pleasurable association with you spending time with your other dog and the item you use will become very valuable. Another option would be to look at safe ways to play with the dogs together.

Alyson Kingsley-Hall, behaviourist


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