Part 37 – I’ve got bigger!

I’ve been in my new home for three months now. I thought I’d show you how much I’ve grown. This was my very first dog bed when I came home, so I still like it very much. Mom says I’ve outgrown it just a bit. So she obviously had to take a photo!

Here I am in my dog bed when I was little, then a little bit bigger, and then a photo of how I fit into my bed now. Look at the difference. I’m a big boy now.

DSCF1362 DSCF3824 DSCF4077 DSCF4080 20

And I’m big enough now to get into the toy box and help myself to toys when I want – and then go play!

toy box

Here’s a photo of me sleeping with my tongue out, snuggling against Anja, and sleeping in the crate with my back legs one way and my front legs the other.


388 DSCF4707

Next time we go out and about



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