Should you get a dog?

shutterstock_295882361Making the decision to become a pet owner should never be taken lightly. You would never buy a house or decide to start a family without considering your current lifestyle and finances and how such a decision would impact your life. While pets are wonderful companions, they are a responsibility. Just like a new baby, pets need food and daily care and everything comes with a price.

Pets are not a fashion statement, neither are they a way to impress your friends. Not every type of pet is suitable for every person. If you decide on a dog, you should carefully consider the breed as not all dog breeds are suitable for all people. Before you make a final decision, consider your lifestyle and financial standing.

Which scenario best describes you?

You want a pet, but aren’t quite convinced it should be a dog …

Dogs are great companions. When a strong bond develops between a dog and his handler, the love is unconditional. Pets like hamsters, rodents, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits spend a large part of their day either sleeping or playing in their cages. Do you want a pet who is more engaging or are you happy to observe your pet in his habitat – like a spider, snake or iguana? Consider the lifespan of the pet and make sure you can commit to his care for his entire life.

Don’t get a dog because someone you know recently got an adorable puppy or your neighbour’s dog had puppies and you’ve been asked to ‘take one off her hands’. None of these are good reasons for getting a dog. Dogs need early socialisation as puppies, some form of obedience training and daily care. Some breeds are happy to be on their own during the day, while others can be very destructive if left alone for long periods. Consider any limitations there may be in your household. Do you have a secure garden? Does anyone in your family have any known allergies to dogs, cats or bird feathers?

Or, are you in one of the following categories?

You know you want a dog, but have never had one and don’t quite know what to expect …

Your family wants a dog, but you are still unsure if you want to commit …

You know you want a pedigree dog, but don’t quite know which breed …

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