Kriel SPCA closes its doors

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) confirmed the closure of another SPCA due to lack of community support.

In March 2019, the NSPCA held a Special General Meeting to determine the future of the Kriel SPCA. The meeting was poorly attended and the decision was made to close the SPCA due to the lack of support by the Kriel community.

“We had hoped that members of the community would come forward to not only support the Society, but to take ownership of the Kriel SPCA and serve on the management committee. Unfortunately, not a single member of the community came forward which left us with no option but to deregister the Kriel SPCA,” explained Jaco Pieterse, manager of the NSPCA’s society liaison unit.

The SPCAs around the country depend on their local communities to survive. Not only from a financial perspective, but in a management role as well. Without this kind of support, SPCAs simply will not survive.

“The SPCA plays a vital role in all communities, from the protection of animals, to the protection of society as a whole. Without the SPCAs, our country would be in a worse state than it already is – we implore the communities around the country to support their local SPCAs to ensure their survival” said Jaco Pieterse.

Media statement: NSPCA


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