Kriel SPCA closure update

On the question of what will happen to the animals in the Kriel SPCA when it closes its doors, the NSPCA’s society liaison unit manager, Jaco Pieterse, assures us that the animals are being taken care of.

“The animals were transferred to the Highveld Ridge SPCA in Secunda. Not many animals were handed into the care of the Kriel SPCA,” says Pieterse.

He adds that in future, vulnerable animals will have to be taken to the local veterinarian in the area or to the closest SPCAs, either the Highveld Ridge SPCA or Witbank SPCA.

“There are many areas without SPCAs or other animal welfare organisations and the animals in those areas are in the same predicament of having nowhere to go, and this proves the importance of having an SPCA. For this reason, members of the community must keep supporting their local SPCAs to ensure they get the resources they require to keep their doors open,” says Pieterse.

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) confirmed the closure of Kriel’s SPCA due to lack of community support. After a poorly attended general meeting to determine the future of the Kriel SPCA, the decision was made to close the SPCA.


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