Miracle Milo

Milo is safely home!
Milo is safely home!

Debbie and Alan Joynt still get emotional telling Milo’s story, which went viral on Facebook and caught people’s attention from as far as Australia and the USA. It all started roughly two years ago, when the family’s garden service left their gate open and Milo managed to get out.

“As soon as we noticed Alan immediately went after Milo,” says Debbie. “He followed the route of Milo’s regular walks, hoping he would’ve headed in the same direction.” But Milo disappeared into thin air. Devastated, the family did everything they could to find their beloved dog. They looked for him far and wide, spreading the word as they went along. But nothing. They were forced to accept that maybe they would never see their Milo again.

milo2In the meantime …

One day in August 2016, detectives Belinda Mitchell and Andre de Jager of Zamdela SAPS headed out to the Zamdela township just outside of Sasolburg, looking for a suspect. During the course of the day they discovered a dog they simply could not ignore. This fellow was beyond skinny, and tied up with a short chain. The decision was made that the poor dog would not be left there, and Lindie Lourens of the local shelter, Purrpaws for Life, was contacted. The dog was saved. Purrpaws for Life then posted a picture of the dog on Facebook, in an effort to educate and raise funds for his treatment. A lady by the name of Elana Eggink saw this post. Elana happened to be Debbie and Alan’s daughter. The couple rushed to see the dog who was barely recognisable due to being in such bad shape. But when they saw the dog they knew. After two long years, they had found Milo.

  • Get the full story as well as a special message from Milo’s veterinarian in the December 2016 issue of Animaltalk.


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