Part 43 – Training update

So I have been in training for a while and it is going very well. My trainers say that I’m learning really quickly. They told Mom that I was a gentle boy and very eager to learn and that I enjoyed learning. That made Mom really proud.

Weekends are great! Mom picks me up on a Friday afternoon and we go home. And I can rest and play and do what I want. On Monday morning Mom drops me off again. Sometimes another dog-in-training who needs a weekend home comes home with us. It is loads of fun!

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I had been in training for about two months when Mom got another puppy! She is a German Shepherd and she is five months old and she is a girl and her name is Qarma! She is very sweet and we love playing on weekends. We run around a lot. Playing tug is still one of my favourite games and now I can play tug with Anja and Qarma!

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But then Mom got the final call – to say that they’ve matched me with a new owner and that my training with her will start soon. I had my last weekend at home.


When Mom dropped me off the next Monday for the last time she just wanted to keep hugging me. She said that she was so happy for me – I made it and I was going to make someone’s life awesome! But she was also very sad, saying goodbye for the last time.


Next time I say my final goodbyes




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