Part 44 – Last goodbye

Once a Guide or Service dog has been matched with their new owner, they spend the first few weeks together getting to know each other and building that special bond. During that time they work together with the GDA Trainers to learn how to do their special jobs specific to their owner and how to work together as a team. For my new job I also got a very pretty new red jacket so I can be identified as a Service Dog.

At the end of those few weeks the dog’s Puppy Raiser usually has the opportunity to meet their puppy’s new owner. This is a very special but also emotional time for all involved. Mom got a call and was invited to meet my new owner. Mom was so happy to see me again! She gave me hugs and lots of love.

Mom’s last goodbye

She then spent some time with me and my new owner and they had a great time talking about me as a pup and everything I got up to while I was growing up. My new owner also told Mom about my new life, and how loved I am. Mom could clearly see my special bond with my new owner, as I hardly left her side.

So as I start my new life, I want to say goodbye to all of you. Thank you for reading my diary and being part of my journey to becoming a Service Dog.

Lots of love


Here are some pics of my time growing up.


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