Part 4 – My new home

So my new home is pretty cool! I sleep in the bedroom with Mom, Dad, Anja and Emily. We all have our own beds but we swop whenever we want. And I like cuddling! I always try to lie against Anja but then she moves away. Mom says it’s okay, maybe she just gets warm very quickly. I still try though. It reminds me of when I cuddled with my littermates.


DSCF1362 20

During the night Mom gets up a few times to take me outside. She puts me on the grass and waits until I’ve made a wee-wee. As soon as I start, she says “busy busy,” and when I’m done she says “good boy, good busy busy.” She’s very glad every time I do a ‘busy busy’. She also says “busy busy” every time I make a poo. Guide Dogs have to learn to make a wee-wee or a poo on command, so Mom has to start teaching me from the start that ‘busy busy’ means going to the toilet.


During the day Mom also takes me outside often. Every time I wake up, after I’ve eaten, after I’ve played, and also if I haven’t been outside for a while. She puts me on the grass and says “busy busy” when I ‘go’. Mom says I’m a clever boy and I’m learning so quickly!


There are lots of toys in my new home, but I have to share with Anja, and she doesn’t like sharing so much. At least she knows how to play tug. Mom also makes sure there are enough toys for all of us.



Here is a picture of me in the crate with Emily. The crates are our safe place. The doors are open most of the time, and we can go lie in them when we need some quiet time. Humans are not allowed in the crates. We sometimes get toys and chewies to eat inside the crate, and I sometimes get my food in the crate. That is to make me used to it so I don’t mind going in the crate.

Em&K in crate1

Em&K in crate2

Here are 2 videos – The first one is a short one of me playing (about 30 seconds) and the second one is a longer one of me playing with Emily and Anja (about 6 minutes).

Short one:

Longer one:

Next time I will tell you about my first puppy class!



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