No need for noise!

An Italian town said NO to noisy fireworks.

An Italian town said NO to noisy fireworks.

While the festive season is a thing of the past for us humans, the damage done by fireworks during this time still remains a harsh reality for many animals. These include pets who ran away from home out of fear, and in the process lost their families and even got badly injured, to mention just the tip of the iceberg.

Our pets have extremely sensitive ears, and the loud bangs can cause debilitating fear and there were even reports of dogs who succumbed to heart attacks. The town of Collecchio in Italy decided that enough is enough, and took a stand in preventing all this damage. Their local government has introduced new legislation whereby silent fireworks need to be used, as a way of respecting animals and the severe stress fireworks cause them.
The silent fireworks are produced by a company called Setti Fireworks. With these fireworks you can still have the mesmerising show of light, but without the terrifying noise. They even design their fireworks to fit the venue and event that it is needed for.



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