The gorgeous Chinchilla

The Chinchilla is a picture of luxury.

The Chinchilla is a picture of luxury.

A Chinchilla is the picture of pure luxury. If you live in a complex and would rather have an indoor cat, then this might be the breed for you. Chinchillas are quiet and peaceful, and quite happy not to do much at all – except, of course, look beautiful!

While placid, Chinchillas do get quite attached to their owners. You will often find your ‘lady of leisure’ relaxing in a comfortable spot, but she’ll still be playful at times. She’s happy to remain indoors, and this is also good for her coat – roaming outside would easily get that gorgeous fur dirty and tangled.

The Chinchilla is a great companion for older people, who might have more time for the cat’s daily grooming needs, but do not want a very lively and demanding pet. This breed is not recommended for smaller children, who might be tempted to pull the long hair.


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