No dignity for dead dog – further information

The man behind the heartless dumping of the body of a family dog this week is a leading member of the legal fraternity.

Adam Anderson, head of litigation at Bowman Gilfillan, one of the largest Sandton-based law firms, was caught on CCTV opening the boot of his Mercedes Benz, and glancing around before dumping the animal carcass in a quiet suburban street.

Earlier today, Inspectors from the Sandton SPCA went to the office of Bowman Gilfillan in order to question Mr Anderson on the incident. Mr Anderson was unavailable, allegedly attending a funeral in the Northern Cape.

During a teleconference held at the law offices, Mr Anderson admitted to dumping the carcass of his family dog. He then agreed to meet with SPCA Inspectors on his return to Johannesburg next week.

The Sandton SPCA is stunned by the behaviour of a leading member of the legal fraternity, and for his carelessness towards a beloved family pet.

“The lack of respect for an animal – even for one who had died – and the lack of respect for legislation, especially by someone who should be upholding the law, leaves us speechless,” said Sandton SPCA GM, Jaco Pieterse.

In a tersely worded emailed statement from Chloe van Santen, Head of Operations: Business Development at Bowman Gilfillan, she confirmed that a senior representative of the firm had met with the SPCA “at short notice to discuss the incident that is trending on social media.

“We discussed the matter with the individual concerned and have satisfied ourselves that this is a personal matter that does not involve the Firm,” van Santen said.

“We understand the individual is cooperating fully with the SPCA.”

The Sandton SPCA will ensure that justice is served, and are in the process of laying criminal charges for illegal dumping in terms of the By-Laws of the City of Johannesburg.

Press release: SPCA


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