Part 6 – Puppy class fun

Last time I told you about my first puppy class at GDA, and how much fun we had! Well, mom organised some more fun! She entered me in puppy classes at McKaynine Training Centre (that is where my sisters, Emily and Anja, go for their training). It is good for Guide Dog puppies-in-training to meet as many different people and dogs as possible, and here I could meet and play with other breeds of dog – from little Schipperkes to a Giant Schnauzer!

Some of my new friends in my puppy class:

12     6

Anja’s lesson is before mine, so I had to wait for a little bit in my crate for my class to start. I had toys and a nice chewie so it wasn’t too bad. And I could watch Anja and Mom working. Anja even came to lie next to my crate in between her exercises.

And I cooled off by resting my tail in the water bowl


Anja taking a break from her classes


Before I knew it, it was time for my class to begin! There were lots of other puppies in my class. But we couldn’t play straight away, we had to stay on lead and listen to the humans talk for a bit. Then we learned a new exercise. We learned how to ‘focus’ on our human. They liked that very much – when we look up at them and put our bums on the ground. Here I’m getting a treat for doing just that.

8  5

Finally it was playtime!!!!!

11 10

A video!

At the end of the class we started to learn how to walk with a loose lead next to our humans, and walk onto and over different types of surfaces. Puppy classes are hard work! I was getting tired by the end. Here I am taking a quick nap.


I had loads of fun and cannot wait for the next one.

Next time I will tell you about the time I went to visit my granny, and met a cat!



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