Q & A: Digging patch

Why is a ‘dig patch’ ideal for dogs who love to dig? What kind of toys should I hide in there?

Dogs need to dig. Digging is a natural, instinctive behaviour for many dog breeds. Digging can provide shelter from cold or heat, relieve boredom, provide both mental and physical stimulation, and can go a long way to keeping your dog happy and content.

A dig patch can prevent your dog from digging in inappropriate areas and redirect it to a designated area.

Hiding toys or treats in the dig patch makes it interesting and exciting, encouraging the dog to dig there. Some ideas of things to hide there are interactive chew toys stuffed with part of your dog’s daily food, tennis balls, squeaky toys, safe bones or small training treats.

Remember to keep the patch well stocked and rotate the toys to prevent boredom.

If sand is used, it should be covered at night, to prevent cats from using it as a litter box.

Many dogs love dig patches, which certainly help to keep them entertained and stimulated, and prevent digging in inappropriate places.

Alyson Kingsley-Hall, behaviourist


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