7 Normal animal behaviours that may seem odd

Sometimes, we look at our animals and wonder, what are they thinking? They can come up with the weirdest behaviour that seems so odd to us as humans, but that is actually very normal for them. We might ‘read’ something into their behaviour, while it may actually have a totally different meaning in an animal’s world.


1. Bum sniffing

For us humans, it is so gross to watch animals sniffing each other’s bums. And they don’t have to be from the same species – the dog will sniff the resident cat’s bum, and vice versa. But this is totally natural for animals.

Why they do that It’s a form of greeting for animals. With a sniff or two, they can determine the gender of the other animal, his health status and whether or not he is a friend.

What to do Unless it gets irritating for the other animal or becomes an obsessive behaviour, you can leave them to it.


2. Eating poop

What can be more disgusting to us than a dog eating poop? However, for dogs, it is a natural behaviour. If he eats poop, it is probably because it contains nutrients that he can smell, like in cat poop.

Why they do that Cats don’t digest all the nutrients in their protein-rich food, and dogs love these ‘leftovers’, so they eat cats’ poop.

What to do As there could be parasites and harmful bacteria in the poop, it is better to keep your dog away from this ‘delicacy’. It could make him sick.


3. Zoomies

Zoomies is when a cat or a dog runs around like crazy, and in circles. You might think that something is chasing them, or that they have lost the plot.

Why they do that They do it because they’ve just had a burst of energy and because they’re happy. Unhappy cats and dogs don’t get the zoomies.

What to do Unless they’re hurting themselves, sit back and enjoy the moment with them.


4. Tail chasing

We’ve all, at some point, witnessed a dog chasing his own tail. Puppies tend to do this often.

Why they do that If the spinning in circles is only occasional, it might be because he is just happy. But if he’s doing it more often, he could have a health problem, like an inner ear infection.

What to do Take your dog to the vet to get him checked out, especially if it becomes an obsessive behaviour.


5. Eating grass

Cats and dogs eat grass on occasion, and it is a natural behaviour for them.

Why they do that It could be that they just like the taste of the grass. Some theories include that they need more fibre, or it could be a behaviour stemming from their ancestors.

What to do As most pet food is nutritionally balanced, your cat or dog should rather not eat grass, as it can make them nauseous and cause vomiting. It can also form a ball of undigested grass in their stomachs.


6. Slow blinking

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at you and then slowly blinking both eyes?

Why they do that This is your cat’s way of telling you how much she loves you.

What to do Mimic her actions and slowly blink back. She will understand that you love her too.


7. Tilting heads

Isn’t it just adorable when a dog tilts his head from the one side to the other?

Why they do that Dogs normally tilt their heads to pick up all the sounds in their environments. When you talk to your dog, he wants to hear every sound you make. And yes, experts believe that they do ‘know’ they’re cute when they do it because, in the past, their owners have made a fuss every time it happened, so now they do it for the attention.

What to do You can either do nothing and just appreciate the moment, or you can make a fuss of your dog and tell him how cute he is!


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