Safe drives with pets

It is amazing to see how many people drive with pets in their car who are not safe. Dogs on the back of a bakkie, or dogs on the laps of their drivers – this is not safe. Just like it is unsafe to drive with a baby in the front seat, it is unsafe to drive with you dog who is not secured.

But is it safe for dogs to wear safety belts when driving with us in the car?

Standard safety belts that cars are equipped with have been designed specifically for people. Although it might help your dog to stay safe, your dog might be uncomfortable and not enjoy the ride. He might also ‘escape’ from the seat belt by ‘climbing’ out of it. Rather get your dog a harness that attaches to a fitted safety belt to ensure that he won’t be injured in an accident, escape through a broken window or distract you while you are driving.

With a pet seat belt, you can also get a specially designed hammock for the backseat to protect your car seats. This will allow your dog to move around or sleep on the back seat while still remaining safe.


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